Takara Tomy Beyblade BURST B-195 Booster Prominence Valkyrie.Ov.At'-0


Takara Tomy


Authentic Takara Tomy Dynamite Battle Beyblade.

Prominence Valkyrie.Ov.At'-0

What a monster! It might not be the blade of an anime character, but Prominence Valkyrie is both a way to get your hands on a Phoenix blade, featuring the iconic popping off Armour mechanic, and the remade Atomic Dash driver. 

And that's just if you want it for parts! The Bey its self has a stunning silver and red motif, and is a solid stock build that can legitimately compete!



Dynamite Core: Valkyrie II

Blade: Prominence

Forge Disc: Over

Armor: 0

Driver: Atomic'

Stickers, Instructions(Japanese).






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