Beyblade BURST Ultimate Layer Series B-200 Starter Xiphoid Xcalibur.Xn.Sw'-1


Takara Tomy



Authentic Takara Tomy Burst Ultimate B-200 Xiphoid Xcalibur Xanthus Sword' -1 

After simply far too long The Sword has finally been drawn from the Stone!

After what feels like centuries the most feared attack type of all time makes its return. The Laughing Giant Xhaka's legendary Bey Xcalibur has entered the modern era.

Featuring a new version of the iconic sword launcher, a new version of the unique and powerful Xcalibur Sword shape, and a new (you guessed it) Sword' driver.

Xiphoid Xcalibur will be a dominant and sword related force in any battle.


Blade: Xiphoid 

Dynamite Core: Xcalibur

Forge Disc: Xanthus

Armour: 1

Driver: Sword'

Burst Ultimate Sword Launcher

Stickers, Instructions (Japanese)

Glamour shot Provided by @Kazuu_kkb 



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