Beyblade BURST Ultimate Layer Series B-203 Ultimate Fusion DX Set


Takara Tomy

Special Starter Set

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Authentic Takara Tomy B-203 Ultimate Fusion DX set.

Praise the sun Hikaru and Hyuga aren't done yet!

A new Helios, a new Hyperion, Divine Belial, a new gear,  and a new unique Long Cord  Bearing  launcher. Not to mention the funky fusion stuff.

Takara Tomy have outdone themselves this time!


King Helios MR Giga Zeal -10

Super Hyperion MR Tapered Xplosion -2

Divine Belial Nexus Bearing Drift

Full Custom LR Long String Bey Launcher(Blue and Red)

Evolution gear: 1 Gear

Stickers, Instructions(Japanese)

Glamour shots provided by @Kazuu_kkb