Beyblade BURST Dynamite Battle B-180 Booster Dynamite Belial Nexus Venture-2


Takara Tomy


Authentic Takara Tomy Beyblade Dynamite Belial Nexus Venture-2

Bell Daikuten's evolving attack type, Dynamite Belial has the unique ability to be upgraded by adding "evolution gears" from other DB beys.

For an attack type there isn't a more durable beyblade. Able to shrug off attacks that would destroy the stamina of other attack types. 

Featuring the new Venture Driver, Dynamite Belial is an excellent competitive beyblade. Particularly when certain evolution gears are added. It also forms the basis for several powerful combos. Highly recommended purchase.


Dynamite Core: Belial

Blade: Dynamite

Disc: Nexus

Armour: 2

Driver: Venture

Stickers, Instructions(Japanese)

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