Beyblade BURST Dynamite Battle B-181 Random Booster Vol. 25 Full Set (Pack of 6 Models)


Takara Tomy

Booster Full Set

Authentic Takara Tomy Random Booster Full Set.

Prize Bey: Ranzo Kiyama's Cyclone Ragnaruk

Solid random booster featuring the always poweful Brave Layer, and some truly excellent defensive right spin parts in the Cyclone Blade and the Giga ring. Cyclone Ragnaruk Giga Never-6

Contains Stickers, instructions, QR codes, and EACH of the following Beyblades.

Cyclone Ragnaruk Nexus Rise-2

Hell Kerbecs Giga Wave

Dragoon V2 Wheel Xceed'

Infinite Deathscyther Universe 1A

Brave Wyvern 10 Never 4A