Beyblade BURST Dynamite Battle B-196 Random Booster Vol. 28 Full Set


Takara Tomy

Booster Full Set


Authentic Takara Tomy B-196 Random Booster full set.

Get ready to let out your inner anti-hero. With Demon King themed versions of all your favourite protagonists' most recent Beyblade. Whether you want a memento of good times with the characters or just a booster pack with shockingly strong beys, this is arguably one of the best Random Booster sets ever released!

Contains stickers, instructions (Japanese), and EACH of the following Beyblades:

B-196 01: Ultimate Valkyrie Legacy Variable'-9

B-196 02: Tempest Achilles Xceed'+Z 1B With Infinite Shield

B-196 03: Infinite Dragon Zone'+X 1A With Infinite Sword(Red Version)

B-196 04: Super Hyperion Giga Metal Dimension 4A

B-196 05: King Helios Karma High Charge' 1S

Stickers, Instructions