Beyblade Burst Dynamite B-191 Overdrive Special Starter Set


Takara Tomy

Special Starter Set

Authentic Takara Tomy Beyblade BURST Dynamite Battle B-191 Overdrive Special Starter Set

If you can only make one purchase in Dynamite Battle, this is it! Featuring the next Evolution of Bell Daikuten's Belial, the long awaited return of Phoenix, and the previously only available in Japan Perseus Chip.

Not to mention the extremely powerful Savior Blade, a new dash version of the bearing driver which dominated competitive Beyblade for years, and a unique DB power Launcher.

Any fan of Beyblade would be excited to have this set. I personally am buying two.


One: Dangerous Belial All Might-2

One: Savior Perseus Giga Bearing'-3

One: Prominence Phoenix Tapered Metal Universe-10

One: Dynamite Battle L/R Power Launcher

Stickers, Instructions(Japanese)

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