Beyblade BURST Dynamite Battle B-192 Booster Greatest Raphael Over High Xtend+


Takara Tomy


Authentic Takara Tomy Dynamite Battle Beyblade.

Greatest Raphael Over High Xtend+

Rashad Goodman finally unleashes his own Beyblade, the Balance type Greatest Raphael. Beginning battles in attack mode before snapping into defense mode mid battle. This Bey increases its stamina and stability at the cost of its more powerful contact points.

The Greatest Raphael layer is unique among DB beys as its chip is fused with its blade creating a heavy and hard to shift layer that also includes burst stoppers for even more durability.

The Driver High Xtend+ is maybe the most exciting part. Compettive Bladers will no doubt remember how effective Xtend+ was, and an upgraded version will likely shake the tournament scene up!


Layer: Greatest Raphael

Forge Disc: Over

Driver: High Extend+

Stickers, Instructions(Japanese).






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