Beyblade BURST Ultimate Layer Series B-206 Booster Barricade Lucifer Illegal Bearing Mobius-10


Takara Tomy


Authentic Takara Tomy Burst Ultimate Barricade Lucifer

The fallen angel finally arises from the pit.

Lain Valhalla's lucifer makes its DB debut with Barricade Lucifer. Featuring the new Barracade gimick this bey looks to improve upon the fun, but inconsistent Barrier gimic of it's predecessor.  Unlike Barrier, Barricade looks to become more stable as the Barricade blades retract forming a near perfect circle.

Also Featuring the upgraded Bearing Mobius, even stock Barricade is a formidable foe. Extremely difficult to burst, and even harder to outlast.



Core: DB Lucifer

BU Blade: Barricade 

Disc: Illegal

Armour: 10

Driver: Bearing Mobius

Stickers, Instructions (Japanese)



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