Beyblade BURST Superking B-176 Random Booster Vol. 23 Full Set (Pack of 8 Models)


Takara Tomy

Booster Full Set

Authentic Takara Tomy Sparking Booster B-176 Full Set.

Contains Stickers,Instructions(Japanese), QR Code and  EACH of the following Beyblades:

Hollow Deathscyther 12 Axe High Accel' 4A

Hollow Valkyrie 11 Absorb 1D

Abyss Longinus 13 Spiral' 4A

Curse Deathscyther 8' Zeta' 1S

Dead Phoenix 3 High Zephyr

Archer Hercules 10 Axe Power

Storm Pegasis Drake High Survive

Draciel Viper 00 Wall High Defense